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Kaleidoscope Eyes

A960 4TH OF JULY All sizes available

Sold out.

  • Vintage cut off shorts
  • Vibrant red white & blue tie dyed design
  • Silver star studded front pocket (note: if you choose to order them without studs they will look just the same but without the studs!)
  • Slashed frayed holes & cut off hems

These are made to order. Most orders will ship within 2-3 weeks, but usually sooner. Please let us know if you need them by a certain date and we'll try our hardest to expedite your order.

Be sure to select your size in the drop-down box and include your measurements in the comment box before placing your order!

** PLEASE NOTE: we can't guarantee that your shorts will be Levis, but if they aren't they will be a similar high waisted style & cut.

Click here for sizing details & measurements

Also be sure to see the 
Size Guide for more sizing info, or Contact Us if you need any help choosing your size! All we need is your waist & hip measurements and we can recommend a size for you. If possible, include a note in the "include a note about your order" section on the checkout page with your waist & hip measurements. That way we can double check them against the pair you buy to make sure the sizing is right and that you'll end up with a perfect fit!

**Please note that as a one-of-a-kind item, each pair may vary a bit from the pictures.  But they will be the same dyed style/pattern and colors as in the photos. You can also feel free to email us for pictures of your actual pair before we ship out to be sure you're happy with them!