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For reference, here’s the size chart used when estimating modern sizes:

XXS             22-23" inches (56-58.5cm)  32-33 inches (81-84cm)
EXTRA SMALL 24-25" (61-63.5cm)     34-35" (86.5-89cm)
SMALL 26-27" (66-68.5cm) 36-37" (91.5-94cm)
MEDIUM 28-29" (71-74cm) 38-39" (96.5-99cm)
LARGE 30-31" (76-79cm) 40-41" (101.5-104cm)
EXTRA LARGE  32-33" (81-84cm) 42-43" (107-109.5cm)
XXL     34-35" 44-45" (111.5-114.5cm)
XXXL 36-37" (86-89cm) 46-47" (117-119.5cm)

International size conversion chart:

U.S. 00 0 2/4 6/8 10/12 14 16
UK 0/2 4 6/8 10/12 14/16 18 20
AUS 2 4/6 8/10 12/14 16/18 20 22
Euro 30 32/34 36/38 40/42 44/46 48 50

**Please note: these charts are just for reference. since each pair can vary within a size be sure to check (and double check!) the measurements of the shorts

*Also Note: sometimes a pair will fall right between the measurements of two sizes so it will be labeled with both, like: EXTRA SMALL/SMALL


  • The waist measurement is taken from the smallest part of your body, which usually is just above your belly button. Hip measurement is around the fullest part of your body, around the widest part of your bum.

  • Measure in front of a mirror, this will help a lot and make it much easier to see where your waist & hip measurement should be taken.

  • Don't pull the measuring tape too tight when measuring, you'll get an inaccurate number.

  • Always measure on bare skin, not over your clothes.
  • Be sure to check the rise measurement! A pair with a lower rise won't fall at the natural waist, so it will have a bigger measurement around the top waistband. To tell where a pair will fall, use the rise measurement of the shorts you're interested in and compare that to the rise of a pair of your own shorts/jeans. You can also use a measuring tape & the rise measurement to measure yourself from the crotch up to see where they'll fall, then measure your waist from that spot.

  • Don't have a measuring tape? No worries! You can always use a piece of ribbon/string to measure around your waist & hips, then put that string up to a ruler to get the measurement (don't have a ruler? try this site:

  • Keep in mind the measurements in the listing descriptions are the measurements of the actual shorts, so you’ll probably want to pick a pair with measurements slightly bigger than the measurements of your body for a comfortable fit.

  • As long as you know your waist & hip measurements, and then use them to compare to the measurements of the shorts, you should be able to choose your perfect size!

Feel free to send us an email with your waist & hip measurements and we can recommend a size for you. Also let us know if you need any other measurements on a certain pair, or with any other sizing questions you may have!