Washing Instructions | Kaleidoscope Eyes

Kaleidoscope Eyes

We use high quality professional PERMANENT fabric dyes, and special dye detergents to remove almost every trace of leftover dye once rinsed, so they are machine washable and will stay vibrant and bright pretty much forever.

Cut offs do continue to fray with washings, so if you're happy with how much they're frayed and don't want them to keep fraying, we recommend hand washing or washing them on a delicate cycle.

On certain bold styles with lots of colors, for example this style, we recommend washing in cold water with similar colors, just to be extra safe.

For our red white & blue stars & stripes style, we do recommend washing them separately, with dark colors, or preferably hand washing in cold water to prevent any possible bleeding, then dry them asap without letting them sit wet in the washer (we all know that red can be notoriously sneaky sometimes even with repeated washings). 

For studded pairs: we use nickel plated studs, which are the most resistant to rust. So your shorts are machine washable & dryer safe. However, to ensure that they stay 100% rust free forever, we don't recommend leaving your shorts sitting wet after washing. Try to dry them as soon as possible.